Who we are?

We Alive Tiles start our journey in 2010 at the hub of ceramic industry Morbi, Gujarat. It was our unimaginable journey that brings lots of achievements. We have learned lots of things that shaped our success journey.

At our manufacturing unity we produce Digital Wall Tiles, Heavy Duty Parking Tiles, Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles and number of ceramic tiles for endless application. With our research and development our product helps us to stand above the competition and lead the growth of the company.

10 years experience in the ceramic industries, our hard work and smart work helps us to build a unique brand name in the ceramic market. In this passing year our leadership shows a lot of paths, we walk and reach our goals. Our unique design & pattern and number of different sizes that help in the endless application or everyone can create a dream space design

As we are gaining the success with leadership & hard work of our expert member we are ready to take any challenges with suitable solution and achieve the goal for mutual growth

Our Mission

Our mission is to set standards to the Indian tiles industry and to take the industry to new heights by providing innovative class products and services to our customers. Our mission involves working with commitment, agility and innovation

Our Vision

Innovation is a talent and a driving force as it empowers us to frequently create marvellous quality tiles. Achieve leadership by developing exclusive designs with innovation. Providing joy who and superb experiences who use our products.

Our Value

Treat all customers with respect and dignity & give Customer Satisfaction with superior quality product and also protecting the environment. Talent is the multiplier , showcase our talent with creative & innovative work

Our Commitment

Without involvement, there is no commitment.
Alive Tiles is committed to provide excellence
by beautiful , luxury & innovative product to
customers and give superiors experiences.



Eco Friendly

As our inspiration source is nature, our tiles collection design is made by nature inspiration. Unique design, unique colors, unique pattern everything are source of nature. So it’s our responsibility to take care nature that’s why we manufacture all eco friendly products. For sustainability growth and give better future we always aim to produce eco friendly product.